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A variety of reasons could lead to someone wanting to view Union County inmate records. Maybe they are researching for a project or have a loved one in prison or jail.

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Union County Resources.

Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO Inmate Search)
3344 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: (704) 283-3789
Inmate Inquiry

Superior Court (Felony)
400 N Main St Monroe, NC 28112
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
400 N Main St Monroe, NC 28112
On Location Search – Yes

Union County NC Jail
3344 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC 28112

Union County Inmate Search Online

There are several options for Union County inmate searching online for inmate records. This is possible through the Department of Corrections’ website and/or website that specializes only in inmate data. To search the Department of Corrections site, enter the name of the state where the inmate is incarcerated and add “+Department of Corrections.” This will bring you to the state’s Department of Corrections webpage. Once on the site, look for a link called “offender or inmate search.” Click on that link, and it will direct you to a page where you can input the inmate’s name and search for their records. Private websites that specialize in inmate records also have a search function. Simply type the name or email address of the inmate and hit the “enter/search” button.

North Carolina State Prison VS Union County Jail

A prison is where people are incarcerated after being found guilty of a crime by a court of law. In contrast, jail is where people are held before and during their trial and may be used to keep people sentenced to short terms of imprisonment. In the United States, prisons are operated by state and federal governments, while local governments usually operate jails.

North Carolina Prison Inmate Search

There are several ways to find out if someone is currently in prison. You can contact the state department for corrections to find out if someone is currently imprisoned. You can also search through search engines like Google or Bing or websites specializing in inmate search.

Union County Jail Inmate Search

There are a few options to help you find an inmate in a Union County jail. You can start by contacting the jail directly and asking for their assistance. An online search engine such as Google or Yahoo can also help you find a county jail inmate.

Union County Mugshots

Union County mugshots can be used to identify criminals, check for prior arrests, and verify an individual’s identification. They can also serve as a media tool to inform the general public about criminal acts.

Union County Jail Log

You can request information from the county sheriff to find out the Union County jail log of someone. The jail log will show the charges against the person and the release date.

Union County Jail Roster

There are many ways you can search the internet for Union County jail rosters. You can search for available websites that provide information on all jails in the area.

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