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Doing a Union County criminal record check can be helpful for peace of mind, particularly if you have concerns about someone. Such checks can be done using private and public resources such as the courts and law enforcement agencies.

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Criminal Record Tools In Union County NC

Superior Court (Felony)
400 N Main St Monroe, NC 28112
On Location Search – Yes
Web Check

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
400 N Main St Monroe, NC 28112
On Location Search – Yes
Web Check

Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO)
3344 Presson Rd, Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: (704) 283-3789
Inmate Inquiry
Wanted List
Most Wanted
Event Search
Daily Bulletin
Sex Offender Database

Monroe Police Department
218 E Franklin St, Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: (704) 282-4700
Records Division

Union County Court Records

Court records are created and preserved by the respective courts hearing cases. They include Union County criminal case information, from the initial charge to the last decision.

Union County Police Records

Police records in Union County NC act as invaluable resources for individuals and entities alike. These records can spotlight criminal patterns, identify wanted persons, and function as vital proof in civil and criminal cases.
While numerous agencies provide online access, acquiring these records often demands a Freedom of Information Act request.

Arrest Info

Usually, arrest records are public in Union County NC, allowing anyone to request them. Nevertheless, certain records, like those of juveniles, will have access limitations. To acquire arrest records, you can approach the jail or the agency that made the arrest.

Inmate Info

Public inmate records are offered online, reflecting governmental transparency regarding jail and prison activities. Union County sheriff’s offices or the state’s department of corrections will usually be the best agencies to check with for jail and prison inmate records.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


A Union County infraction ranks below a misdemeanor or felony regarding intensity and typically leads to a small fine instead of incarceration. Nevertheless, even an infraction can become a part of one’s criminal record, depending on the situation.


Misdemeanors represent in Union County NC a substantial amount of cases that go through the court system. These offenses, often deemed small to medium, such as traffic infractions, petty theft, or disorderly conduct, can bring in jail time or a fine.

Union County Felony Records

If you want to verify somebody’s Union County felony convictions, several avenues are offered. Options consist of checking out the county court or perusing records online, with numerous county courthouses now using digital access.

Registries For Union County Sexual Offenders

To explore your state’s or Union County sex offender registry, you can use the state’s online database or, if offered, databases maintained by local sheriffs and police departments.

Union County Dui And Dwi Cases

The requirements for a Union County DUI charge vary throughout states. Normally, DUI offenses relate to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some states might charge individuals with DUI even if their blood alcohol content (BAC) does not breach the legal threshold. Given magnified police efforts against intoxicated driving, DUI charges are common.

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