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A court issues a warrant in Robeson County NC when allowing an administrative or law enforcement agency to do something specific.
Many different kinds of warrants exist. A person can be held and brought to jail with the help of an arrest warrant, while a search warrant lets the police look for evidence of a crime.
A judge will issue a warrant if there is reason to think that a crime was committed and that the person on the warrant is guilty.

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NC Robeson County Warrant Resources.

Robeson County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO Warrant Search)
120 Legend Rd, Lumberton, NC 28358
Phone: (910) 671-3100

Superior Court (Felony)
500 N Elm St, Rm 101 Lumberton, NC 28359
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
500 North Elm St, Rm 101 Lumberton, NC 28359
On Location Search – Yes

Lumberton Police Department
1305 Godwin Ave, Lumberton, NC 28358
Phone: (910) 671-3846

Red Springs Police Department
218 S Main St, Red Springs, NC 28377
Phone: (910) 843-3454

Robeson County Warrant Search Available Online

You can look for an arrest warrant in a lot of different ways when doing your Robeson County warrant search. The best way will depend on your situation.
You should talk to a lawyer if you think you have an arrest warrant. A lawyer can help you determine if there is a warrant for your arrest and, if so, what your best options are.
To find warrant records, you can call your local court or police department: some of these agencies will provide warrant databases on their website.

Public Access To Court Records

There are a few ways to look for warrants with the help of Robeson County court records. You can look at the online database of court records. Most courts have online databases you can search, or the public can ask for copies by calling the court.

Warrant List For Robeson County Sheriff

There are several ways to determine if a warrant is out for your arrest or another individual. You can call your regional Robeson County police department and talk to someone in the public records or the warrant department. You can also look online to see if they post a warrant list.

Bench Warrants In Robeson County

In the United States, a bench warrant is an order from a judge or court to arrest someone and bring them to court. A Robeson County bench warrant is issued when a person doesn’t show up to court or refuses to show up.

Arrest Warrants In Robeson County

The police can only get an arrest warrant if they have a good reason to believe that a crime was committed and that the person they want to arrest did it. If there is enough evidence, the judge will order an arrest.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Unlike other Robeson County warrants, fugitive warrants are given to suspects who have left the county where they are wanted. This can make it impossible for the local jurisdiction to arrest them, so they request the assistance of another agency with a fugitive warrant.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is an order from a judge that gives Robeson County police permission to look for evidence of a crime.
Search warrants can be helpful for law enforcement when they are investigating crimes. With these warrants, police can get evidence that can be used in court to prove whether or not someone is guilty.

Free Warrant Searches In Robeson County

A free warrant search is something that anyone can do for free. You might be worried about a friend or neighbor and want to see if there are any warrants for their arrest in Robeson County NC. No matter the reason for the search, it’s good to stay informed.

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