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A warrant in Orange County NC is often issued after a crime or a suspicion that a crime has been committed. Different types of warrants do different things. One example is a warrant to arrest and keep someone in jail thought to have done something wrong. With a search warrant, police can look for evidence of a crime. A bench warrant can also be created if the person skips court.

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NC Orange County Warrant Resources.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO Warrant Search)
106 E Margaret Ln, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Phone: (919) 644-3050
Warrant Info

Superior Court (Felony)
106 E Margaret Ln Hillsborough, NC 27278
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
106 E Margaret Ln Hillsborough, NC 27278
On Location Search – Yes

Durham Police Department
602 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-4427

Chapel Hill Police Department
828 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: (919) 968-2760

Orange County Warrant Search Available Online

There are several ways to look for an arrest warrant on the internet. If you know the person’s name and location, you can look for them specifically in that jurisdiction or when doing a Orange County warrant search.
You could also look for warrants in different parts of the country with the assistant of a nationwide database.

Public Access To Court Records

If you think someone might have a warrant for their arrest, you have a few options in Orange County NC. One option is to talk to the clerk of courts in your area. If there is a warrant, the clerk will let you know. Another way to determine if there is an active warrant is to look through court records using an online database.

Warrant List For Orange County Sheriff

The public can obtain warrant information by speaking with the Orange County police or sheriff. Many agencies allow you to search for warrants online, but not always.

Bench Warrants In Orange County

A bench warrant is a legal order from a judge or court in the United States to arrest someone and bring them before the court.
Most of the time, a bench warrant is issued when a person doesn’t show up for a court hearing. People who don’t follow a court order or pay a fine can also get Orange County bench warrants.

Arrest Warrants In Orange County

Officers must have a good reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that the person they want to arrest is responsible.
The Orange County police have to show proof to back up the probable cause. Once there is probable cause, the police must send a written request to a judge or magistrate. If there is probable cause, a judge can issue an arrest warrant.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Fugitive warrants are different from other Orange County warrants because they are given to people who are trying to avoid justice. This means that the person who has the warrant left the area where they committed the crime.

Search Warrant

A search warrant can be an order from a judge that gives the Orange County police the right to search any property. The search warrant must say why the police are looking for something and what they are looking for. It could be a house, a vehicle, or even a phone.

Free Warrant Searches In Orange County

A free warrant check may allow you to see whether there are any active Orange County arrest warrants for you or someone else. If you are aware that an arrest warrant has been issued, you should take measures to prevent an unexpected arrest and take care of the warrant.

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