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Investigating to see if a person was ever a jail or prison inmate is not very difficult when you know the process. A simple online search will reveal many databases you can work with to track down North Carolina inmates and detailed information. It’s commonplace for these databases to consist of inmate listings that are currently in custody. However, some data sources permit you to find the charges and mugshots even after these individuals have served their time. Knowing some personal information is handy when making an effort to establish the precise location of an incarcerated person. Finding out the county or state in which the inmate could be serving their sentence will speed things up.

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The local county sheriff offices typically run jails. These jail facilities are designed for the recently arrested, short term sentences, and inmates brought in for a court hearing. Individuals found guilty of criminal activity and sentenced to a term of less than a year will typically serve out the sentence in a North Carolina county jail. Most people apprehended by the area police will also be brought to the county jail to be booked and fingerprinted.

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Prisons are facilities commonly managed by the NC state or federal authorities. They hold inmates pronounced guilty for longer sentences. If an individual is found to have violated North Carolina state laws, they are expected to be taken to state prison. Those found breaching federal rules are taken to federal prisons. It is important to note that there are states which have privately owned prisons. Private enterprises are usually hired by the state or federal authorities to hold the prisoners. This means state and federal administration doesn’t have control as to how the facilities are run. In such a case, you may contact state or federal prison officials for more directions.

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Federal prisons are institutions utilized to hold individuals founded guilty of breaking federal law. There are three diverse classifications or categories of federal government penitentiaries: high security, medium security, and low security. Many of the people held in federal government prisons are narcotic offenders or individuals found to have carried out political-related criminal offenses. Moreover, individuals declared guilty of bank heists and other white-collar crimes can also be found in federal prisons. In case you want the information of a North Carolina inmate being held in federal prison, you can speak with officials at the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Whether or not a good friend or loved one is in jail is a matter that can occur at one point. People are, in most cases, brought to jail right away upon arrest. They will continue to be in jail until their arraignment is final. The arraignment for an inmate will take place a day after an inmate is taken into custody. If ever the arrest transpires on the weekend, they might need to wait till the next business day for their arraignment. The jail inmate in North Carolina will know at their arraignment if paying bail is mandated for their release. When the court establishes bail, the inmate may pay for it and await their court date on the outside world. In case the individual doesn’t make bail, or the court does not allow for it, they will stay behind bars till the trial.

Recently Arrested: Soon after an arrest, the suspect is taken to a regional jail in the county where he or she was detained. If the unlawful act happened in the same county, that individual would most likely be at the same facility until trial. An exception would be if bail were to be paid. In case the criminal offense took place in another county or North Carolina, the accused will be extradited to an establishment in that county and will stand trial there. If extradition is in process, zero information may be readily available about a particular inmate.

Awaiting Trial: The offender will not be discharged from jail before trial unless he or she post bail or releases on her or his recognizance. Even though many people may be let go on bail, many will stay behind bars until the entire case has been heard and concluded.

After Sentencing: Rules change between states and counties. However, the punished given to an inmate will play a large role in establishing exactly where they do their time. People with more than a year to serve in North Carolina are typically sent to state prison, while inmates that get shorter sentences often stay in county jails.

Arrests for Federal Crimes: An individual arrested for a crime on a federal level might be temporarily confined to the county jail in North Carolina; however, they will get taken to one of the readily available federal prisons as they await their trial.