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A warrant in Gaston County NC is a court order that lets police search a place or take someone into custody. The judge gives the warrant when there is “probable cause” that a crime has been committed and that the person with the warrant did it.

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NC Gaston County Warrant Resources.

Gaston County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO Warrant Search)
425 Dr M.L.K. Jr. Way, Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: (704) 869-6800

Gaston County Police Department
420 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: (704) 866-3320

Superior Court (Felony)
325 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Way, #1004 Gastonia, NC 28052
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
325 N Marietta St. #1004 Gastonia, NC 28052
On Location Search – Yes

Mt Holly Police Department
400 E Central Ave, Mt Holly, NC 28120
Phone: (704) 827-4343

Gaston County Warrant Search Available Online

There are a number of ways to do a Gaston County warrant search. The first place you should look is in the court system where the crime was committed. Each court keeps a record of all criminal cases, including warrants for arrest. You can look for these records online or at the courthouse in person.
You can also look for arrest warrants at a law enforcement office. A lot of these agencies keep track of warrants that are still out there.

Public Access To Court Records

If you want to use Gaston County court records to search for warrants, you need to know the following. First, you need to find a database. This is usually done online, but you could also go to the courthouse and use a search terminal.
As soon as you have access to the database, you can start looking for the person’s name or case number. They should appear in the search results if they have arrest warrants.

Warrant List For Gaston County Sheriff

Working with police to locate a warrant is another excellent technique to obtain Gaston County warrant information. They have access to all local warrants.

Bench Warrants In Gaston County

There are several ways that bench warrants are different from other warrants. First of all, only a judge can give them out.
This means that there is probably a case open against the person in question already. Second, Gaston County bench warrants can be issued for not showing up to court or not following some instructions.

Arrest Warrants In Gaston County

A person can only get an arrest warrant if the Gaston County police have a good reason to think that a crime was committed and that the person they want to arrest is guilty.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Fugitive arrest warrants are usually issued for people who have been accused of a crime but have left the Gaston County before being caught.

Search Warrant

A judge administers a search warrant, which is a formal Gaston County legal document. It lets law enforcement officers look for evidence in a specific area. The search warrant has to say what offense is being looked into and what items they area looking for.

Free Warrant Searches In Gaston County

Running a free warrant search has many benefits. With the warrant search, you can find out if there is a warrant for your arrest in Gaston County and other area’s. This can keep you from being arrested or jailed by complete surprise.

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