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Gaston County inmate records are crucial for various reasons. These records are used to keep track of inmates’ whereabouts, their charges, and their sentences. It is also used to help police solve criminal cases.

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Gaston County Resources.

Gaston County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO Inmate Search)
425 Dr M.L.K. Jr. Way, Gastonia, NC 28052
Phone: (704) 869-6800
Inmate Search
Jail Info

Superior Court (Felony)
325 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Way, #1004 Gastonia, NC 28052
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
325 N Marietta St. #1004 Gastonia, NC 28052
On Location Search – Yes

Gaston County NC Jail
425 Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Way, Gastonia, NC 28053
(704) 869-6800

Gaston Correctional Center
520 Justice Court, Dallas, NC 28034

Gaston County Inmate Search Online

There are many methods to do a Gaston County inmate search online for information about inmates. One option is to search for records on the state corrections website. Another way to find the county jail where an inmate is incarcerated is to explore the state department of corrections website. Several private online databases also provide access to records about inmates.

North Carolina State Prison VS Gaston County Jail

There are a few key distinctions between jails and prisons. Prisons are run by the state, while jails usually are managed by the county. Prisons are reserved for those who have been convicted or are serving more than one year sentence. Jails are reserved for those who have been arrested, are awaiting trial or sentencing, or have been sentenced to one year or less. The prisons also have more extensive facilities, which house more prisoners. While jails are smaller and often have fewer people.

North Carolina Prison Inmate Search

There are several options for finding someone in prison. Many prisons have a website that lets you search for an individual inmate. These services can locate an inmate by their name or birthdate. However, these services are not free and can be pretty expensive. They may also not contain all the inmates at every prison. You can also call a prison to ask for information.

Gaston County Jail Inmate Search

There are several ways to locate an inmate at a Gaston County jail. First, contact your county sheriff’s department and ask them for help. You will most likely get a list of the inmates they have. You can also search the website of your county jail for a list of inmates.

Gaston County Mugshots

The sheriff’s website will usually have a mugshot of the inmates. However, there are instances where the public cannot access all mugshots.

Gaston County Jail Log

Law enforcement agencies typically use Gaston County jail logs to track the whereabouts and movements of inmates under their care. These logs can also help monitor inmate behavior and compliance with jail rules. In some instances, jail logs can also support court proceedings.

Gaston County Jail Roster

Correctional facilities most often use Gaston County jail rosters for the listing of current inmates. The roster usually includes the inmate’s name, booking photo, charges, and bond information.

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