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A judge or magistrate signs a warrant in Forsyth County NC, which gives police the right to search for and take evidence related to a crime or make an arrest. Warrants are issued when there is evidence of a crime, and there is a good reason to believe that someone did it.
If police officers issue a warrant without good reason or following the right steps, the evidence may not be allowed in court.
There are many different kinds, including search warrants, arrest warrants, bench warrants, and warrants that can be used to carry out other activities.

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NC Forsyth County Warrant Resources.

Forsyth County Public Safety Center (FCSO Warrant Search)
301 N Church St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 917-7001
Wanted List

Winston-Salem Police Department
725 N Cherry St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: (336) 773-7700
Wanted List

Superior Court (Felony)
200 N Main, Hall of Justice Winston Salem, NC 27121
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
200 N Main Winston-Salem, NC 27101
On Location Search – Yes

High Point Police Department
1730 Westchester Dr, High Point, NC 27262
Phone: (336) 883-3224

Forsyth County Warrant Search Available Online

Most places have public records where anyone can look for arrest warrants, but finding them is not always easy. Here are some ways to do a Forsyth County warrant search.

  • In many cases, there will be a court record database where you can look for people with outstanding warrants.
  • The police may be able to tell you about active warrants that are in their area or will post a list on their website.
  • Use a private service to look for warrant information online. Most of the time, these services can find records anywhere in the country.

Public Access To Court Records

Warrants are public documents, so they can usually be found through the Forsyth County court system.
On the court website, there can be a database that anyone can use to find warrants. If a warrant is found, the subject’s name, the crime for which they are being held, and the date the warrant was issued will be shown. This information can help you learn about a person’s past crimes and current status.

Warrant List For Forsyth County Sheriff

You can get a list of all outstanding Forsyth County warrants in your area by contacting your local police department or sheriff’s office. Once you have the list, you can narrow it down by corresponding to the person’s name and birth date.

Bench Warrants In Forsyth County

Most of the time, a Forsyth County bench warrant is administered by a judge when someone doesn’t show up to court when they are supposed to. A bench warrant allows the police to bring someone into detention.

Arrest Warrants In Forsyth County

Police can only get a Forsyth County arrest warrant if they can prove to a judge that there is a good reason to believe that a crime has been committed. If there is a likely cause, the judge will give the order to arrest.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

People can get fugitive warrants when they are wanted in Forsyth County NC but have fled to another area. With a warrant, a person can be brought from one place to another to stand trial.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a paper that gives Forsyth County police permission to go to a place and look for evidence of a crime. A judge must sign a warrant and say why they are searching and what things might be taken.
Police often use these warrants when looking into drug cases because they give them the right to search a suspect’s home or business for drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Free Warrant Searches In Forsyth County

Anyone can perform a free warrant search to determine if they are the subject of a Forsyth County arrest warrant. You could benefit from a free warrant search in a variety of ways. Verifying your warrant status without engaging a private investigator is one advantage, and avoiding accidental arrest is another.

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