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Courts and law enforcement agencies in the United States produce and maintain criminal records.
In addition, records from local police departments are openly available, detailing arrests and convictions. To obtain Durham County criminal records, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request should be directed to the pertinent agency.

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Criminal Record Tools In Durham County NC

Superior Court (Felony)
510 S Dillard Sr Durham, NC 27701
On Location Search – Yes
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District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
510 S Dillard St Durham, NC 27701
On Location Search – Yes
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Durham County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO)
510 S Dillard St, Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 560-0897
Inmate Population Search
Sex Offender Database

Raleigh Police Department Headquarters
6716 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: (919) 996-3335
Police Reports
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Durham County Court Records

Court records are a primary source for obtaining information about an individual’s Durham County criminal history. Being public documents, they provide insights into criminal cases. These records can be sourced from the courthouse clerk or accessed online, with many courthouses offering digital access.

Durham County Police Records

To look into one’s Durham County criminal history, police records are a viable resource. They offer comprehensive details about an individual’s past, including arrests.

Arrest Info

Obtaining arrest records in Durham County NC isn’t always simple. It’s important to note that not all arrest records are public; state laws can restrict their availability and use. Before commencing a search, acquainting oneself with local laws is pivotal.

Inmate Info

For Durham County inmate details, the Department of Corrections website is a good source. You can query the database utilizing the inmate’s name or number.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Durham County NC signify minor offenses necessitating a citation or warning without jail time for the most part.
Examples consist of minor traffic violations and petty theft. Many jurisdictions process infractions in summary courts, providing a swifter, less formal option to standard criminal court procedures.


The repercussions of a Durham County misdemeanor differ based on its gravity and the jurisdiction it falls under. While there are myriad misdemeanor types, common ones include DUI/DWI and petty theft. In certain scenarios, a misdemeanor may escalate to felony status.

Durham County Felony Records

Durham County felonies represent serious criminal offenses, with punishments varying from prolonged jail time to capital punishment. Felons are individuals convicted of such crimes that include but aren’t limited to murder, rape, and drug trafficking.

Registries For Durham County Sexual Offenders

Each state’s sex offender registry is accessible to the general public in Durham County NC. Local law enforcement agencies likewise often maintain openly offered sex offender registries.
Additionally, the National Sex Offender Public Website – a collaborative platform supported by all jurisdictions and the federal government – facilitates more nationwide searches.

Durham County Dui And Dwi Cases

A Durham County DUI/DWI conviction casts a long shadow over one’s driving record. In certain states, a DUI may persist on your criminal record for a while. Depending upon the jurisdiction, it can stick to driving records for up to a decade, making subsequent opportunities or insurance coverage an obstacle.

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