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Background checks are among the primary reasons for examining Cary criminal records. People regularly use them when screening people for potential risks of violence or fraud.

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Criminal Record Tools In Cary NC

Cary Police Department (CPD)
120 Wilkinson Ave, Cary, NC 27513
Phone: (919) 469-4012
Records Team

Superior Court (Felony)
316 Fayetteville St Mall Raleigh, NC 27602
On Location Search – Yes
Web Check

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
316 Fayetteville St Mall Raleigh, NC 27602
On Location Search – Yes
Web Check

Wake County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO)
330 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 856-6900
Inmate Inquiry
Criminal Record Inquiries
Records Division
Sex Offender Database

Cary Town Clerks Office
(919) 460-4941

Cary Court Records

While anybody can access Cary court records, certain records might be limited or unavailable to the general public. The court’s clerk can guide you in obtaining these documents. Numerous courts provide online access to their records, where you can search by name, date, or case number. If you encounter difficulties online, call the court clerk for help.

Cary Police Records

Numerous techniques exist to get police records for a Cary criminal background check. You can request these from the detaining police or sheriff’s office.

Arrest Info

You can check with your local Cary sheriff’s office to investigate someone’s arrest history. Depending on their procedures, this could be in-person or online.

Inmate Info

Inmate records are generally public in most jurisdictions, permitting anyone to request them from state correctional system or Cary sheriff’s department. Many entities keep websites where you can search for jail inmates and prisoners using their ID numbers or name.

Various Categories of Criminal Records:


Typically infractions aren’t the biggest red flag on Cary criminal background checks. Most may not want to see such records unless they particularly need them.


Misdemeanor records in Cary NC can offer insights into an individual’s character. Even small misdemeanor convictions can mean prospective reliability problems. Evaluating these records can assist in recognizing individuals who may pose threats or theft.

Cary Felony Records

Felony convictions in Cary NC relate to severe offenses, potentially resulting in imprisonment surpassing a year and life. Such convictions might strip people of civil rights like voting, holding public office, or serving on a jury. In addition, having a felony record can impede certain opportunities.

Registries For Cary Sexual Offenders

When conducting a Cary criminal history check, the sex offender registry is an important resource, offering information about convicted sex offenders throughout the U.S. People typically cross-reference potential associations with this registry, and appearing on this list will be a red flag on a background check.

Cary Dui And Dwi Cases

Cary DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Impaired) describes offenses committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Convicts may face jail time, fines, or the suspension/revocation of their driver’s license.
Definitions vary by state, but usually, a person can be charged with DUI if their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) goes beyond 0.08%. States likewise criminalize drug-impaired driving, irrespective of BAC levels.
Though usually classified as misdemeanors, DUI offenses can escalate to felonies in particular scenarios, like repeat offenses or occurrences causing injury or death.

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