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Brunswick County inmate records contain information about a person’s criminal history, including prior and present incarcerations. This information aids in determining whether or not a person has been involved in any unlawful conduct. It can also be used to track them down if they are imprisoned.

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Neighboring Counties: New Hanover

Brunswick County Resources.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO Inmate Search)
70 Stamp Act Dr NE, Bolivia, NC 28422
Phone: (910) 253-2777
Inmate Search
Detention Center

Superior Court (Felony)
310 Goverment Ctr Dr NE, Unit 1 Bolivia, NC 28422
On Location Search – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
310 Goverment Ctr Dr, Unit 1 Bolivia, NC 28422
On Location Search – Yes

Brunswick County NC Detention Center
70 Stamp Act Dr NE, Bolivia, NC 28422

Brunswick County Inmate Search Online

The best place to start your Brunswick County inmate search is via the state DOC, county jail, and federal prisons website.
Each organization’s website provides a search function where you can enter the ID number or name. The results will provide identifiable information on inmates, such as their name, birth date, race, and admittance date.
Another option to locate inmate records is through a private website that collects this information nationally.

North Carolina State Prison VS Brunswick County Jail

There is a distinction to be made between a jail and a prison. Jails are for persons who have been imprisoned and are awaiting trial or sentencing. They are also used by those who have received a one-year or less sentence. The county or city is frequently in charge of Brunswick County jails. Meanwhile, the federal and state governments are in charge of North Carolina prisons.

North Carolina Prison Inmate Search

You’ll have a few methods for determining whether or not someone close to you is incarcerated in a North Carolina prison. Look up federal and state prisoners in online databases or contact the prisons directly.

Brunswick County Jail Inmate Search

The internet is the most effective approach to locating a Brunswick County jail inmate. Local law enforcement websites will also inform you whether an inmate is still in custody or has been freed.

Brunswick County Mugshots

Jail photographs are used for a variety of purposes, including identifying criminals and tracking criminals. In rare cases, jail photographs might be used to report crimes or as part of a public awareness campaign.

Brunswick County Jail Log

To receive a copy of Brunswick County jail logs, you must contact the local sheriff’s office. Many sheriff’s offices also have websites where you can access the logs online.

Brunswick County Jail Roster

Brunswick County jail rosters are public records that can be viewed by anybody who requests them. Certain information in the documents, however, is not accessible to everyone.

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