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In court, a warrant in Alamance County NC is an order that a judge gives to law enforcement officers so that they can perform an act legally. Most warrants are given out because of criminal acts or suspicions of wrongdoing.
Different kinds of warrants allow different things to happen. Someone who is thought to have done something wrong can be arrested with the help of an arrest warrant. A search warrant lets police look for evidence that could be linked to a crime. A bench warrant is issued if a person doesn’t attend a court hearing.

There must be a good reason for every warrant. They must say where or who should be searched or taken into custody.

NC Alamance County Warrant Resources.

Alamance County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO Warrant Search)
109 S Maple St, Graham, NC 27253
Phone: (336) 570-6300

Alamance County Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted Suspects

Criminal Division Superior & District Court  (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions)
212 W Elm St, #105 Graham, NC 27253
On Location Search – Yes

Burlington Police Department
267 W Front St, Burlington, NC 27215
Phone: (336) 229-3500
Most Wanted

Mebane Police Department
116 W Center St, Mebane, NC 27302
Phone: (919) 563-9031

Alamance County Warrant Search Available Online

There are several ways to do a Alamance County warrant search. You can look for the arrest warrant if you know where it was issued, or you can search based on where you are. With the person’s name, you can look for warrants in that area.
You can also look for warrants all over the country with the help of a nationwide database.

Public Access To Court Records

You can find out if someone has a Alamance County warrant in more than one way. Get in touch with the county clerk where the person lives or where you suspect the warrant was issued. The clerk can tell you if there is an open warrant or point you to a court record database.

Warrant List For Alamance County Sheriff

You can call your local police department to find out if there is a warrant for an arrest in Alamance County NC. Even though many agencies have online tools that can help you confirm your suspicions, it might require you to talk to someone if they don’t.

Bench Warrants In Alamance County

A Alamance County bench warrant is a warrant for arrest that comes from a judge. Bench warrants are unlike other warrants because they are not utilized to solve crimes. They are frequently given to people who don’t show up to court or follow court instructions.

Arrest Warrants In Alamance County

The police have to have good reasoning to suppose that a crime was committed and that the person they want to arrest is guilty.
A reasonable person would need to be convicted that someone has done something wrong using evidence, witness testimony, or other information that backs up this view.
The Alamance County police must send a request to a judge once they have found probable cause. The application must include all the proof that probable cause exists and that an arrest warrant is needed. If a judge finds probable cause, an arrest warrant will be allocated.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Fugitive warrants are different from other kinds of Alamance County warrants because they are given to people who have run away from the law. This means that the person who has the warrant is not in the area where the court needs to prosecute them.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order that gives the Alamance County police permission to look for evidence. The warrant should say exactly why the police are searching and what items they are looking for.

Free Warrant Searches In Alamance County

You might be able to learn whether there are any active Alamance County arrest warrants for you or someone else by conducting a free warrant search. You should take precautions and take care of the warrant to avoid being apprehended by police if you know that an arrest warrant has been issued.

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